Yikes! Happy Belated Year of the Earth Pig- Earth being focus

It is already April 2019! In Chinese astrology it is another year of Earth element.

For now, just a reminder of the macrocosm – microcosm: how we treat the earth effects us, how we treat ourselves effects the earth. Healthy means good for you- good for the planet, air, water, animals, 2,4 5 & 8 legged, winged, scaled, etc. It is important not only to eat clean healthy foods, but to also use ‘clean healthy’ products. For example, from NRDC

From GreenMedinfo.com, time to pay more attention to what you put on your body- and the packaging of it.  ‘If You Won’t Eat It, Don’t Use It‘ Be aware Mineral Oil is Petroleum- not good for you to put on or ingest:

Massage is one of the best ways to pamper yourself, but did you know that a massage can be extremely toxic? Unless you know what questions to ask, your massage could include a significant dose of crude oil distillates and hormone-mimicking chemicals that are on the world watch-list of carcinogens, but are somehow still allowed into your personal care products. Read More

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