Strong, Flexible Heart

Some days are easier than others, remembering lush green forests and incredibly clear water. Deeply acknowledging that we share this planet with all the amazing beings in the forests and oceans, and back yards. For me, making positive change includes greatly reducing any use of products with palm oil. Finding palm oil free products takes a little time and a flexible heart: Feel the pain of the devastation consumerism is causing the planet, move forward with knowledge, compassion, and power of our spending dollars. Consume less and consume smarter. Of course, looking for other healthy ingredients and plastic free containers and packaging. Sound like too much effort- hopefully not, given that our choices are directly effecting our air & water quality and all life that earth sustains.

Palm Oil Free Products

Palm oil is in so many products from baked goods, cereals, to soap and cosmetics- ugh!

There are sites to visit to educate yourself about palm oil and palm free products.  also has info and is a fun site.

Some of my palm free adventure has included:

*Close to local, Alo Goods in Denver Colorado makes palm free and plastic free soaps, shampoo and luxurious conditioner bars:

Naturally crafted for a nourished “you” and a sustainable “all”.

Our goal is a return to sustainable, natural living for all.
With products handcrafted from natural ingredients and packaged in either recyclable, compostable, or reusable materials…
you can help us all live closer to nature.”

*I also like Ethique soaps and shampoo bars- palm free plastic free, but buy it thru Amazon. ( I like to rotate soaps, shampoos, foods)

*I love Booda Organics powdered laundry soap- truly awesome and no powdered flake residue. Booda is also palm oil free and plastic free- including incredible ecobalm for lips:)

❤ Pure, Simple & Fresh! ❤

***From a Chinese Medicine orientation, the emotion of heart is joy. Making choices for a healthier planet and self brings my heart joy, join me!?!

Timely addition from:

Holiday Candy Without Palm Oil ~ Palm Oil Free Christmas Candy

M&M’s Milk Chocolate, Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Kisses, and Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Bars are fine if you are avoiding palm oil.

You can also find original Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups which don’t list palm oil ingredients. Read labels.

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