Freedom-Hard FOUGHT to Have, EASY to LOSE & give up in FEAR

From GreenMedinfo:

New Food Bill in New Zealand Takes Away Human Right to Grow Food

Posted on: Tuesday, October 27th 2020 at 11:30 am Written By: Investment Watch Blog

A concerning new bill would effectively make it illegal to grow your own food, the implications of which are dire when it comes to food security, sovereignty, and the future of humanity. 

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I was shocked to learn from a friend on the weekend that a new Food Bill is being brought in here in New Zealand. The new bill will make it a privilege and not a right to grow food.

I find two aspects of this bill alarming. The first is the scope and impact the new bill has, and secondly that it has all happened so quietly. There has been VERY little media coverage, on a bill which promises to jeopardise the future food security of the country.

I read that the bill is being brought in because of the WTO, which of course has the US FDA behind it, and of course that is influenced by big business (Monsanto and other players). It looks like this NZ food bill will pave the way to reduce the plant diversity and small owner operations in New Zealand, for example by way of controlling the legality of seed saving and trading/barter/giving away; all will be potentially illegal. The best website to read about the problems with the new bill is (I have no connection with this website)


Please click above READ ARTICLE for rest of this VERY DISTURBING and CRITICAL article on this bill… Fear continues to allow those with power to take ALL POWER WE GIVE!!! WAKE UP!!!

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