Light in Zach Bush

Weird, wild unnatural seeming times, call for light. Gratefully, we have light in and around us- always! A true light in my world, maybe yours too, is Zach Bush.

Just a brief excerpt from the blog of Zach Bush:

…” Now is our moment to take all of this energy, trauma, polarization, and pain within the human experience and channel it in one direction toward our path of healing and co-creative nature. Like the masters of martial arts, we must all understand that there are no opponents in life. If someone appears to be coming at us to take us down, our mastery comes when we realize the redirection of their energy with our flow state can create instant reversal of the opposition into a transformational victory. We can either use opposing force to strike someone, or redirect the energy of conflict into a single motion that brings an end to the conflict… Reconciliation through reverence of one another sends us on to better understand the nature of energy and the power of unification. Now is the time to move forward through our pain and trauma — toward a reunification of self-identity, toward a unification of humanity, and toward a reentry into relationship with our NATURE…”

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