All emotion has its place, has its purpose. Problems arise when we hold onto emotion, letting emotion run our consciousness, life. Instead, what is this emotion trying to teach? What is out of balance?

Grateful, Grateful Grateful for Thich Nhat Hanh:


More light, more space between thoughts, actions, beliefs.

Be well

Sharing Light

I hope to share something that I find sweet and light. This song “Yes” by Reuben and the Dark is sweet and the background right up is light- to me, hope for you too! More Sweet and more Light …

This copied directly from posted Feb 25, 2021:


February 25, 2021




“YES” Single Artwork // DOWNLOAD HIGH-RES

Today, Reuben and the Dark shares the new track, “YES,” which

came from a desire to put

something positive into the world.

“I thought I would be writing more

songs about despair…,” says Reuben

and the Dark frontman Reuben Bullock,

“but we don’t need anymore

hopelessness right now.” 

The new single represents a departure both in sound and philosophy for Reuben, whose pastoral highway rock balladry has earned comparisons to Mumford and Sons and The War On Drugs, and found homes in an array of TV/Film including the Breaking Bad Movie, Grey’s Anatomy, and more. The affirmative vibe of the song floats on a bed of spacious melody, matching the emotional heights of Reuben’s folk-rock epics but balanced by alt-pop sensibilities and triumphant call-and-response vocals.



Reuben and the Dark is the spirited folk-rock outfit led by Canadian singer-songwriter Reuben Bullock, whose music blends introspective lyrics with soaring instrumentals. Anyone who has seen Reuben and the Dark perform knows that the bandmates share a palpable bond onstage, creating a heedless energy that reverberates with the audience. Now perhaps more than ever, even though they can’t perform for live audiences, the band hopes their music can bring a feeling of togetherness to fans.”

Poisoning the Planet- why is Roundup still around? Roundup-POISONING EVERYTHING- yep includes YOU!!!

From Organic Consumer Organization:

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Bayer/Monsanto’s Roundup is Killing Us

farmers in haz mat suits spraying a farm crop field with Monsanto Bayers Roundup glyphosate herbicide

As we’ve pointed out over and over again, diet-related and environmental-driven chronic diseases are the underlying “comorbidities” that make people far more vulnerable to hospitalization and even death triggered by COVID-19. These often-preventable underlying conditions include obesity, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, liver disease, and cancer.

Over 8,300 people die per day in the US, with 3,300 of these being people 80 years old and older, and 3,200 per day recently listing COVID-19 or PIC (pneumonia, influenza, and coronavirus) as a contributing factor on their death certificates.

As more and more scientists are pointing out, a strong immune system, adequate levels of Vitamin D, and a healthy gut microbiome and digestive system are likely our best defenses against an epidemic of chronic disease and COVID-19.

Unfortunately, Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide, sprayed on genetically engineered crops and foods, cotton fields, roadsides, and timber plantations, is everywhere.

And guess what? Roundup destroys our immune system and gut microbiome, even at the “legally allowed doses” that our indentured politicians and regulatory officials allow.

Read more: New Study Finds Glyphosate-Related Alterations in Gut Microbiome

Health Freedom!!! Health Choice!

From Stand for Health Freedom:

“We wanted to provide an update on the D.C. minor consent bill and thank you for your advocacy. Despite an outpouring of opposition by concerned individuals across the nation, bill B23-0171 — a measure making it possible for 11 year olds to be vaccinated behind their parents backs — became D.C. law on December 23, 2020.
Tens of thousands of emails, calls and tweets were sent to D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser urging her to veto the bill, which was passed by the D.C. Council. The mayor took no action, so the bill became law after her review time expired.
Before B23-0171 goes into effect, it must undergo a 30-day congressional review period per the District of Columbia Home Rule Act. The act makes it possible for Congress to overturn the law, but it has only been successful a handful of times in history. Stand for Health Freedom, alongside other allies, including and the National Vaccine Information Center, will keep you informed on when and how to make sure your federal lawmakers know this is the perfect time to utilize the act and overturn this egregious law. In addition to putting children at risk of physical harm, the bill attempts to erode the parent-child relationship and destroy the sanctity of the family unit by encouraging kids to keep secrets from their parents. It also violates several federal laws.
Although experts have called the bill “racist” and “a crime against the children of Washington, D.C.,” there is a distinct possibility that B23-0171 will survive congressional review, setting precedent for other states to follow. With basic human rights, constitutional rights and parental rights under attack, your advocacy is needed now more than ever.
2021 will provide a clear opportunity to talk about health freedom issues, grow the number of people committed to taking a stand, and educate people in positions of influence. (Please check out our new blog and video on how to talk to your legislators here.) We’re urging every advocate to invite ten friends to stand for health freedom. This will allow us to be even more successful at holding the government accountable. By growing our voting bloc tenfold, we will continue to activate the silent majority and our voice will become even more powerful.
Thank you for everything you’ve done to stand for health freedom this past year. We truly appreciate your time, your dedication and your generosity.
All our best for a happy and healthy new year.”
In solidarity,

Leah N. Wilson & The Stand for Health Freedom Team

“The Antidotes to Corruption Are Reason, Love and Liberty “

From Mercola, by M Peter Breggin

Fear is the tool of tyrants, the greedy.


How Fear Is Being Used to Strip Away Your Freedom State and local leaders are turning to public health research to implement their mandates like mask-wearing, stay-at-home orders and business shutdowns. According to the idea of ‘fear appeal,’ you’ll do just about anything if you’re frightened enough.


We are a channel for PEACE, LOVE, REASON and LIBERTY- let’s help each other be PEACEFUL Warriors for FREEDOM