Memorial Day 2022-FREEDOM

Remember and HONOR all those that gave their LIVES for our FREEDOM!!!

What does that mean to you? How does freedom effect your health? Are you FREE to choose what keeps you healthy? What heals your body, your mind, your spirit? What are you FREE to Choose thanks to those that gave their lives? How do you carry on freedom for the next generations? for the planet? FREE to think, question, grow, heal…

Gratitude to all our ‘Fallen Veterans’ and their families


This morning I awoke to an inspirational text sent by my beloved Uncle: A quote by Albert Einstein ,

“Reina; your quote of the day:

‘The important thing is to not stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.’
Albert Einstein

Ask and you will receive, with boundless Love, Excelsior!”

What a wonderful way to start the day! Remember, be curious! Be inquisitive! Question the ordinary belief! Question the status quo! Question- who’s reality? Wonder, wander, and wonder and wonder some more!

Recycling Reality

A picture is worth a million dirty words.

Saturday mornings, I look forward to the Treehugger Newsletter. I anticipate some beauty and some pain.

The beauty often comes from articles on what people & places are doing better, respecting nature and wildlife, cleaner transportation, gardening, sharing insights etc. The pain often comes from brutal reality of what our consumption of resources is creating/destroying.


Plastic Recycling in the US Is a Fantasy

Plastic Recycling in the US Is a Fantasy—’It Does Not Work’

Plastic Recycling in the US Is a Fantasy—’It Does Not Work’
Plastic Week on Treehugger soon might be bigger and scarier than Shark Week on Discovery, as we keep writing new horror stories about the stuff. I have been saying for years that recycling was a fraud, a sham, a scam perpetrated by big business on the citizens and municipalities of America. But now it turns out it is also a fantasy, and is barely happening at all. A new study claims only between 5% and 6% of plastic is actually recycled, and I think it is even lower than that.” READ MORE

Light in Zach Bush

Weird, wild unnatural seeming times, call for light. Gratefully, we have light in and around us- always! A true light in my world, maybe yours too, is Zach Bush.

Just a brief excerpt from the blog of Zach Bush:

…” Now is our moment to take all of this energy, trauma, polarization, and pain within the human experience and channel it in one direction toward our path of healing and co-creative nature. Like the masters of martial arts, we must all understand that there are no opponents in life. If someone appears to be coming at us to take us down, our mastery comes when we realize the redirection of their energy with our flow state can create instant reversal of the opposition into a transformational victory. We can either use opposing force to strike someone, or redirect the energy of conflict into a single motion that brings an end to the conflict… Reconciliation through reverence of one another sends us on to better understand the nature of energy and the power of unification. Now is the time to move forward through our pain and trauma — toward a reunification of self-identity, toward a unification of humanity, and toward a reentry into relationship with our NATURE…”


All emotion has its place, has its purpose. Problems arise when we hold onto emotion, letting emotion run our consciousness, life. Instead, what is this emotion trying to teach? What is out of balance?

Grateful, Grateful Grateful for Thich Nhat Hanh:


More light, more space between thoughts, actions, beliefs.

Be well

Sharing Light

I hope to share something that I find sweet and light. This song “Yes” by Reuben and the Dark is sweet and the background right up is light- to me, hope for you too! More Sweet and more Light …

This copied directly from posted Feb 25, 2021:


February 25, 2021




“YES” Single Artwork // DOWNLOAD HIGH-RES

Today, Reuben and the Dark shares the new track, “YES,” which

came from a desire to put

something positive into the world.

“I thought I would be writing more

songs about despair…,” says Reuben

and the Dark frontman Reuben Bullock,

“but we don’t need anymore

hopelessness right now.” 

The new single represents a departure both in sound and philosophy for Reuben, whose pastoral highway rock balladry has earned comparisons to Mumford and Sons and The War On Drugs, and found homes in an array of TV/Film including the Breaking Bad Movie, Grey’s Anatomy, and more. The affirmative vibe of the song floats on a bed of spacious melody, matching the emotional heights of Reuben’s folk-rock epics but balanced by alt-pop sensibilities and triumphant call-and-response vocals.



Reuben and the Dark is the spirited folk-rock outfit led by Canadian singer-songwriter Reuben Bullock, whose music blends introspective lyrics with soaring instrumentals. Anyone who has seen Reuben and the Dark perform knows that the bandmates share a palpable bond onstage, creating a heedless energy that reverberates with the audience. Now perhaps more than ever, even though they can’t perform for live audiences, the band hopes their music can bring a feeling of togetherness to fans.”