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All sessions involve gathering information from  listening, asking, observing, palpating, and more.

Depending on presenting concerns (wellness, pain, digestive disorders, anxiety etc.), sessions may include different modalities. Most sessions involve acupuncture &  Asian style body work/touch therapy. Often abdominal therapy, moxa and/or gua sha, herbs and diet recommendations are included.

ԜǴŞĆAcupuncture style most closely resembles Japanese= gentle, effective, slender needles are inserted in specific points in the body’s energy channels, with the intention to support client’s natural healing. Only disposable, single use needles are used.

ԜǴŞĆBody work includes a variety of shiatsu, tuina, acupressure, abdominal therapy, gua sha, Barral visceral manipulation concepts, unwinding, Reiki, reflexology and other energy balancing techniques.  Hands on listening  to a client’s ‘body’ gives the whole being a place and space to just be… just let go and be for a moment, peace.   For clients preferring ‘needle free’ treatments (not covered by insurance), appropriate combinations of the above are used.

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Gua Sha

Gua sha is an amazing healing modality. Smooth stroking over an area/areas, with varying degrees of pressure, creates a healing release in the body. Gua sha Depth and pressure are always dependent on client’s comfort level.

Abdominal therapy
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Details Coming soon